@ohBananaJoe Such thoughtfulness is rare. I remember once being a witness to a lorry causing severe damage to a car. The lorry drove off, but I got the reg number and reported the incident.

@gannonnordberg There have been many changes for the good. I hope governments or employers do not force us to return to the old ways when the pandemic clears.

@jayeless Butter has always been a weakness of mine—one of many. I’ll just have to run extra miles.

@ohBananaJoe Sounds like you need a new phone, you know, one of those nice shiny big ones. 😊

@cheesemaker That is a fantastic run. And all on a beach!

@Portufraise There is no other way to be. It also took me decades to be comfortable with just being me.

@maique Take care if you are travelling with little sleep. Hope the project has light at the end of the tunnel.

@jidabug I think that's fake news. Nowhere on the Apple website does it mention you can use the iPhone for calls. 😊

@helgeg That's a good idea. I’ll give it a try. 💡

@maique @portufraise @helgeg I didn't think the challenge would be as tricky, but this week's words have been uninspiring. I've often been stuck with only a few hours to midnight.

@jsonbecker I think you describe a familiar concept. Your subconscious mind can bring forward ideas when you are relaxed and not distracted by the world.

@ohBananaJoe Just right. We all need to do that for our physical and mental well-being.

@RossA My wife and I are inclined to ignore these guidelines but differently, i.e. keep to ourselves this Christmas and not mix with any households. We have worked so hard to avoid the virus all year. It would be wrong to let our guard down for a few days at Christmas.

@findingfeeling Nice article. Smells hold many memories for me too, and you mentioned a few like crayons. Another for me is axle grease. I used to climb and play on JCB diggers as a child, and they had a specific machinery smell.

@jayeless A lovely alarm clock.

@maique Soon we’ll all have to add our car to that list.

@antonzuiker I often think about that situation. Our work and connection to the world depend on a long thin cable. In my case, the line stretches for miles, through trees and across fields.

@adders I cringe when I hear the phrase ”return to normal”. I’m holding out for a new approach to life and work. I certainly don't want to return to 430+ hours a year commuting.

@Portufraise Thanks Ana.

@Gabz I don’t miss WordPress either. WordPress required too much work behind the scenes, too many plug-ins and spam, spamity spam. I use iS Writer too, and Drafts. My challenge is trying to put content to 3 separate blogs. If I had it over again I would just have one main blog and Micro.blog.

@macgenie Adorable.

@mpmilestogo Welcome to Micro.blog Michael. I think I’ve read some of your posts on Write.as. 👍

@davidrmunson Great capture. The shapes are reminiscent of art deco.

@cams 😆 At least you didn't get carried away with Pro Vision Plus Max.

@timh Welcome to Micro.blog. The platform will restore your faith in blogging and writing.

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