I got the DHL confirmation this morning for the reMarkable 2. Now I feel like a kid again at Christmas. ETA 30th December.

Tomorrow will be the first Christmas without family around the table. My wife and I will dine in the new kitchen while the dining room will remain empty. But I’m grateful for the memories and being with a wonderful wife.

Why oh why did I get a video suggested in my YouTube feed entitled, “The Five Worst Handguns I Bought”?

All I want is tech, Beatles and sci-fi, thank you very much.

As it comes up to Christmas, I have felt less motivated to write. I think a little rest is needed and then I can start the new year refreshed. ✒️

It’s getting closer.

I am grateful for music streaming services because it means I don’t have to buy Paul McCartney albums anymore. McCartney I, II and probably III, tend have more awful songs than good ones. And here’s proof.

Northern Ireland has over 800 single wind turbines. While this is good for the environment, it is better for investors who make money from electricity customers.

It seems money makes the turbine go round, not just the wind.

A change of scene as we enjoy an overnight stay at Tankardstown House. Afternoon tea, dinner and breakfast. A short escape before the forthcoming six-week lockdown.

I ran to the nearby Lough today. There was nobody around except one person who had stopped to enjoy the view.

The swans were out in numbers and meandering along the shore. 🏃‍♀️🏃📷

Sometimes I worry over nothing. I expected our new cat scratchers to arrive in plastic wrap, with a few delivery dents. But Amazon packaged my £100 worth of cardboard in a lot of free protective cardboard.

Jasper and Jules will be pleased. 😻

Will I or won’t I? In a word No. Apple AirPods Max are thankfully too heavy, too expensive and not weather resistant. i.e. easy to resist. But I am super-impressed with Marques Brownlee. Marques only posted his review today and has notched up over 2.7m views. Wow.

Becoming Friends with Dad

Sometimes I don’t feel like saying anything; only reading what others have to say.

I spent much of the weekend clearing rubbish from the house into a skip. We came to realise we had so much combustible material in the home, stored for no reason.

Out for a 6-mile run and I got a bit closer to a local bird of prey. I come across this one quite often. Every time it sees me, it moves to a tree further away. Buzzard or Red Kite, I’m not sure. 🏃‍♀️🏃📷 @danielmackillican on Mastodon and I are on a photo challenge.

So close and yet so far. The buzzards flew close to the rooftop today. I could see their markings.

But as usual, by the time I got the iPhone ready, they had moved away. They had a tussle with the local crows.

The freezing fog kept me indoors today. But it’s starting to feel a lot more like Christmas.

Sometimes it’s not possible to think of something insightful or interesting to say. Sunday involved a late start, I put up the Christmas tree, meditated and ran 5k.

But I am grateful for everything, including a fantastic sunset and Christmas dinner take-away. 🏃🏃‍♀️ 📷

A heart-warming little story for #Caturday.


Today has been tiring. I don’t think I fully recovered from yesterday’s back to back Zooms. It’s been a challenge to bring myself to look at a screen, including this one.

It’s -1° so a good night for the fire and an opportunity to try out Spectre, a slow shutter app from the makers of Halide.

I’ll keep an eye out for a waterfall of course.

Looks like my reMarkable e-paper notebook is getting closer to shipping. I hope it’s not some other customer’s return from an earlier batch, after having watched YouTube reviews about jagged lines. 😮

I have virtually spent all day on Zoom, one meeting after another. My eyes are square, so time for something round. Click and Collect Pizza and craft beer booked for 6:30. Yay. 🍕🍕🍕

I visited my town of birth for a dental check-up tonight. Nothing remarkable but the light show helps give the sparse high street a Christmas feel. And so it should, for £500,000.

It is getting harder to keep the pace for #100DaysToOffload. Day time work is back to normal levels, and screentime is becoming an issue. But not all screentime is a strain, especially when I’m streaming the 1970s.

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